Dungeons and Dragons: Quotes out of Context

I was introduced to DnD mid-way through this year and have thoroughly enjoyed the creativity and imagination involved in developing story, characters and the terrifying beasts which we fight.

During our campaigns, however, have been a number of quotes which – if taken out of context – are a combination of hilarious, weird and somewhat politically incorrect.

Here are some of my favourites from the internet attached to my photography.


“You cannot detect any magic on the door.”

“No, you cannot intimidate the door.”

“No, the door isn’t inherently evil.”


“Your stealth is so good you disappear from this plane of existence.”


“I throw a large stick at the owlbear.”

“It is very confused.”


“Just because I’m a lady doesn’t mean I’m going to carry all the food. That’s what the Dwarf is for.”


“I would like to seduce the door.”


“No, you cannot set water on fire just because you rolled a D20.”


“The Necromancer dies of stress from too much criticism.”


Some of my favourites from my own campaign include:

“Roll D20 to overcome racism.”

“The box likes me.”

“Roll D20 for booty.” and,

“No, he was attacking the bucket.”

CONTEXT: The bucket was full of disembodied limbs which were being reanimated by an evil Necromancer, of course.

All up, DnD is great and I recommend everyone give it a go if they have the chance.

Have a lovely day!




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