5 TV Shows and 3 Movies for Lazy Days

A selection of my favourite TV shows and movies which are perfect for a day of rest.

My Impression of Captain America: Civil War


In my experience, Marvel can be relied upon to entertain viewers for the 2 hours of movie time you pay for at the cinemas, and Captain America: Civil War was no exception.

Supernatural S11E20: “Don’t Call Me Shurley” Review

WARNING: ALL OF THE SPOILERS Episode 20 of this season of Supernatural was a masterpiece. A beautiful mush of characterisation, feelings and tied up loose ends that I know I’ll be watching again tomorrow. The episode opened with Metatron being his usual, pitiful self. Until he was zapped into Heaven where one of the greatest fan encouraged plot twists…

Batman V Superman: We all know who would really win.

I’ll start by saying DC’s recent Batman V Superman film disappointed me for a number of reasons. The direction and editing were pretty awful: there were a number of scenes where I had to backtrack in my mind and think; “Wait, who just punched who?”. The sound mixing was probably the worst I’ve heard in years. The spontaneous classical music drowning…