Easiest Lava Cake Recipe Ever!

Delicious lava cake recipe even I can make!


Best Motherflippin’ Pancakes of my LIFE!

I have had a life-changing experience this beautiful Thursday morning. After years of struggling with runny, flat or dense pancakes, I have discovered the recipe to create perfect, fluffy, light pancakes every time. Finally! Perhaps you may think I am being a tad dramatic (and you’re probably right), but it has been an ongoing problem my whole…

Delicious (and Easy) Chocolate Soufflé Recipe

I love to bake chocolatey deserts in my free time, because I love eating chocolatey deserts. This was my second attempt at the often intimidating soufflé – and although my first attempt rose much higher, this version tasted 10 times better. It was light, fluffy and had an almost mousse-like consistency in the gooey centre. Yum!…