What is a Writer?

“What is a writer?”

Well, a writer is someone who writes.

I have heard this a thousand times and it never ceases to frustrate me. Is this supposed to be motivational, I wonder? Is this supposed to make me feel good?

You write, therefore you are a writer. Good work. Ultimate life goal achieved. *Pats self on back, eats entire block of chocolate and retires*

Granted, sitting down and actually writing is a critical part of being a writer. Probably the MOST critical part, but I think there is also more to the story.

In fact, I think there is more to the question.

What is a writer? A writer is someone who writes. Alright, fine!

But what is a SUCCESSFUL writer?

Well, that is something different for everyone. Part of your journey is finding the answer to that question, and that answer will probably change along the way.

Is success getting published? Selling a thousand copies? Having a bestseller? Earning a couple of bucks? Or having someone tell you that your novel/screenplay/blog/article/etc changed their life? (For me, all of the above.)

So, back to the point.

“What is a writer?”

I think a writer is someone who writes… and who always aspires for success in whatever form that may take.

Happy writing!


(Previously published on The Storytellers Hub)

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