Happy One Year Anniversary!

Well, alittlegemblog is now officially one year old!

Goodness me, what a journey. When I started this blog I was recovering from glandular fever and chronic fatigue, and was starting a new semester of engineering at UQ. I was stressed and anxious and sick and generally displeased with the paths I was taking.

Over the last twelve months I have moved to a different state, changed degree, had three different jobs, moved house three times, done a bit of travel and written 69 blog posts (lol). Today I am writing as a much happier, healthier person who – even though I still haven’t chosen a path to follow – am quite okay with taking my time in figuring things out.

I am currently house sitting for a friend-of-a-friend and before they left me with the keys to the house and the responsibility of their adorable dog Tara, they said a few things which really struck a chord.

The focus of their message was – make room in your life for the things you love.

I love to write. I have said a thousand times that if I could do anything I would sit down and write for a living. Of course, the practical side of my brain is always reminding me that money is important too. For some reason it never occurred to me that I could choose a ‘day job’ which allows me to make money, while also having time to follow my creative interests.

This career conundrum is something which I have been struggling with for years, and suddenly it is all made simple by this one late-night conversation with a stranger. Your job or career doesn’t define who you are. You can make room for the things you love in life. You don’t have to sacrifice your interests for a career. You don’t even have to choose just ONE career. Choose happiness and the rest will fall into place.

I have been asking almost everyone I met over the last three months why they chose their career, and everyone I spoke to said that they didn’t choose it at all. It just sort of happened.

So, to celebrate this on year milestone, I will leave you with this message…

Make room for what you love, because life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. 


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