Relocation and New Experiences (Update on my life) 

As some of you may know, I have recently moved states up to the beautifully sunny (and bloody hot and muggy) Darwin in the Northern Territory. I moved for work and because a change of scenery was exciting and new.

It’s only been a week but but so far my new job is showing promise. It shall be a highly valuable experience in engineering and certainly an excellent learning experience. Plus I’m getting paid quite well which is always a plus. 😎

(Read all about my first day HERE)

The process of relocation was a bigger job than I was expecting – and squishing my entire life into one suitcase an interesting exercise in priorities. Granted, it was a rather large suitcase. But putting all those memories and creature comforts into storage – and tossing many, MANY boxes of accumulated junk – was both cleansing and enlightening.

Now, living in a new (but not unfamiliar as I have spent a little time in Darwin in the past) place without a lot of friendships or relationships to build on has been another experience. I would not consider myself an extrovert – but not quite an introvert either. Sort of somewhere in the middle depending upon the day.

I am enthusiastic to meet all kinds of people and make new relationships – but it is far more challenging post high-school or without university. It shall be interesting to see what I come up with – I’m sure I’ll do a post soon on “How to make friends” – assuming I’m successful in actually making some friends. 😄

I’m also branching out a bit with my photography and will be taking some classes to (hopefully) improve myself a little in that regard. Darwin is a very scenic place so I’m sure to upload some new photos soon! Or you can check out my Facebook photography page – Gem Photography – HERE.

Otherwise, I have been watching Avatar (the TV show – not the movie about the blue aliens), reading more of the Odd Thomas series and chilling in the pool. All the while pondering the big question of “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?”. Still don’t have an answer for you on that one – but I’ll let you know when I figure it out (which could take a while). 😄

Hope everyone is having a lovely and relaxing Saturday!


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