The joys of your first day in a new office job…

Being introduced to a thousand people whose names and faces all blur into one – and the only name you do remember is the creepy guy in the mail-room named Steve who stared for just a little bit too long at your cleavage…


Shaking hands with EVERYONE – including that perpetually sick individual who is pale, shaky and just sneezed into the very hands you are about to shake…


Smiling like a lunatic and laughing at all the things you don’t understand – which turns out to be everything…


Workplace health and safety – because apparently everyone needs training in how not to kill themselves in a perfectly safe and sterile office space. I mean, who is the idiot who trips over a loose cable, down a flight of stairs and into the kitchen cutlery drawer (primed conveniently with sharp knives and boiling cups of tea)? Come on! Get gud…


Learning where all of the fire exits, first aid kits, kitchens and bathrooms are. Nothing funny here. This is important shit (especially the kitchen). Bless the employees who make everyone cupcakes – you know who you are.


Reading all of the policies and procedures which are “completely different” to your last job…


Completing online training for the common programs used in “everyday work life” which you will either never see again – or be so poorly trained in that you will accidentally destroy the entire database…


But, at the end of the day, I am nothing but grateful that I am employed. I am so lucky to even have the opportunity to work, unlike many others my age who have been struggling to find stable employment for years.

So, embrace your new employment and although the first day (or even the first week) can be daunting, intimidating, scary (insert more synonyms) and maybe even a little boring and repetitive, it gets better and soon enough you will be the one training, welcoming and messing with foolish newcomers.

Tee hee.

Hope you are having a lovely day!



Photo Credit to Pixabay

Cover Photo property of @alittlegemblog (aka me).

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