Top 5 Nora Roberts Novels

So, it’s winter holidays and the best time of year to curl up in front of the fireplace and read a classic romance/drama. The wonderful thing about Nora Roberts is you can rely on her to write a good, simple, funny, romance that – though it probably won’t surprise you (but sometimes it does) – it is guaranteed to entertain you.

So, here are 5 of my favourite Nora Roberts novels which I would recommend to anyone searching for a good romance novel for an afternoon of light reading.

1.The Reef

The Reef is my favourite stand-alone novel of Nora’s (so far). It tells the story of Tate Beaumont, a marine archaeologist, who discovers her passion for treasure hunting during a family holiday after a failed attempt to uncover Angelique’s Curse: a necklace with a dark, bloody history. Of course a handsome young treasure hunter named Matthew Lassiter joins the hunt and “desire begins to rise to the surface” (I love how cheesy romance novel blurbs are…) which causes some obvious (and a few not-so-obvious) problems in the characters relationship.

This book is worth a read. The romance comes in third place behind the plot and character development. The villain is nasty, the secondary characters are all well-developed and the plot takes a few turns which I was not expecting. A very suspenseful read.

2. Sea Swept: The Quinn Brothers (#1 in series)

Sea Swept is the first novel in the Quinn Brothers series which follows four wayward, adopted brothers from their tragically difficult childhoods and into their adult lives. When their adopted father dies, it is left to the four vastly different men to raise their fathers latest adoption: a young boy called Seth.

Although the plot to this series is very predictable, the characters make it worth it. Four big, rough, tough men trying to raise a twelve-year old boy in one house produces some very funny circumstances.

The first book focuses on Cameron Quinn who just happens to be attracted to the social worker looking into Seth’s case – and that was never going to cause problems. Luckily, we don’t expect rock-solid plot from Nora, just entertainment. And this is what you get from the Quinn Brothers series.

3. Born in Ice: The Born In (#2 in series) 

This was actually the first series I read of Nora’s. It follows two Irish sisters: one a surly artist and the other a timid bed and breakfast owner.

All three books in this series were fantastic (yes I said three, I won’t give away the obvious plot-twist), but my favourite is definitely Born in Ice which explores the simple (and also not-so-simple) life of Brianna Concannon who “has buried a broken heart for ten long years” (again with the corny blurbs…) but whose passion is ignited by a mysterious visitor who blows into her bed and breakfast one stormy night.

4. The Calhouns (the whole series – I can’t choose one) 

The Calhouns are a proud family of strong women with a rich history. The six women (five sisters and their meddling – and psychic – aunt Coco) live together in the family castle while they fight to save their home from debt collectors. Of course, the family just happens to have a mysterious history involving a priceless emerald necklace which just might save their home. But could also put their lives at risk…

The five books which make up this series are very short, so they can almost be considered one book. They are all worth a read.

5. Black Hills

Black Hills follows a young girl called Lil who fell in love with Cooper (Coop) during their annual summer vacations on her families farm. However, their friendship fractures when they stumble upon the scene of a murder. The murderer is never found…

Twelve years later Coop is a P.I., Lil owns a big cat wildlife range and the murders have started up again… Drama, death, terror, fear and romance ensue. A very suspenseful and surprising read!


Let me what you think, or if I’ve forgotten any of Nora’s books which deserve to be included on this list.

Hope you have a lovely day/night!


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