11 Ways to Chill Out After Exams

For some, the second their final exam is over they are instantly ready for a holiday. For others (like me) it usually takes a day or two for reality to sink in: no more exams, no more study, nothing but a month of free time!

So, here are some things I like to do to remind myself that I don’t have university obligations after exams.

  1. Sleep in: this tends to be priority one after any exam due to general sleep deprivation.
  2. Bake a celebratory cake, then eat it: any excuse to make/eat a cake, I will take.
  3. Have a warm bath: preferably with a bath bomb from Lush – those things are magical.
  4. Read a book: I have a ridiculous amount of books on my “to-read” list. So, I might as well work at it over the break.
  5. Catch up on TV: my household recently got Netflix, and I am concerned it may take up a lot of my time. Any TV shows you’d recommend?
  6. Have a massage: if you like them – they can be very relaxing.
  7. Exercise: going for a walk/run can do wonders to loosen tense muscles from sitting at a desk studying.
  8. Clean: I’m not sure why, but I clean to de-stress. I’ve only been on holidays for two days and I’ve already cleaned out my wardrobe and bedroom.
  9. Catch up with friends: and DON’T talk about exams.
  10. Go on a mini-break: or a not-so-mini-break if you can afford it!
  11. Spend some time in the sun: but not too much if you are as pale as me. Sunburn isn’t fun.

Enjoy your post-exam down time, because you’ve earned it!



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