Freedom! (Or how good it feels to finish a tough semester)

I completed my final exam for the semester this morning (side note: 8am exams are the worst) and now I am free! Yeeeeah!


Wow this it turtelly great! Time to shellebrate! (I know… I’m shell-arious)

This semesters subjects were three of the most challenging courses of university so far – and I am hopeful that my performance in the exams was enough to score well (and pass for one particular exam :/). But, I have done all I can do and now I have a month of rest and relaxation.


Why so Cirrius? It’s time to chill. 

During exams I always manage to plan out a huge list of things I want to do with my free time during the break – and inevitably tick off two (maybe three) items on the list before I find myself back at university. I’d like to say this break will be different, but it probably won’t.

So, I’m trying something different this break. I’m taking the no pressure approach. I saw on Pintrest the other day a parenting tool to keep children occupied that I’m going to shamelessly manipulate for my own purposes called “The Bored Jar“. Essentially, it is a jar full of activities written on coloured ice-cream sticks.

I plan to use this fantastic, simple idea to remind me of everything I achieve during the break and keep me from sitting on the couch for another month watching Modern Family (though in all honesty – I do not regret that month). Here are a few things I can think of that I plan to add to my Bored Jar.

  1. Read a book.
  2. Write a book review.
  3. Donate old clothes.
  4. Clean (ambiguous enough?).
  5. Bake (cupcakes, cookies, brownie, attempt Souffle again).
  6. Board games/card games with friends (Monopoly followed by Cards Against Humanity to save friendships fractured by Monopoly).
  7. Edit old writing.
  8. Start a new writing project.
  9. Write a blog post.
  10. Get creative.
  11. Go to the beach.
  12. Exercise.
  13. Play the guitar.
  14. Listen to music/karaoke.
  15. Picnic.
  16. Have a bath.
  17. Go for a walk.
  18. Practice photography.
  19. Go see a movie.
  20. Play The Sims (because it’s not a holiday if you don’t play The Sims at least once).

I’ll let you know how this goes and post a pic when I have finished making it. Otherwise, I plan to write a bit more often now that I don’t have exams so you’ll be hearing from me soon!


Does this look like a Triffid to anyone else? :0

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

~ Gem.


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