Supernatural Finale “Alpha and Omega” Review



*Carry on my wayward son* 

Yes, we have reached the end of another thrilling season of Supernatural. Season 11 produced some truly incredible episodes (Baby, Just My Imagination, The Vessel, Don’t Call Me Shurley) but how did the finale compare? Not particularly well in my opinion.

The episode began with general hopelessness as the gang (and I mean the whole gang: Sam, Dean, Cas, Crowley, Rowena, Chuck – minus Lucifer who was ripped out of Cas by the Darkness) discovered that the sun was going to burn out and the Earth would die. So, they drink and feel sorry for themselves for about ten minutes until Sam encourages them into action.

Their solution? To create a soul bomb which would – in theory – destroy the Darkness. The boys (Sam and Dean) go on a ghost hunt to collect said souls, while Cas and Crowley head off to gather souls from Heaven and Hell.

Although the boys manage to get a few ghost souls, Cas and Crowley fall short. Luckily, Billie the Reaper shows up and offers them 100 thousand souls to make their bomb. Yay! Hope restored. Until Rowena clues us into the fact that Dean will be the bomb.


Photo: Katie Yu/The CW© 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved — “See the bomb, feel the bomb, be the bomb.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a final if one of the brothers didn’t offer to sacrifice themselves for the greater good (which, ironically, would have been better for the planet if they had actually done it back in season 8). So, Dean goes to visit the grave of Mary Winchester and they say their emotional goodbyes. There are hugs and tears and Dean hands over the keys of the Impala to Sam (it doesn’t seem to matter how many times this happens, it always makes me tear up) and then Dean is off to kill the Darkness!

Which does not go to plan (surprised?). Amara can ‘smell’ the souls (I wonder what a soul smells like?) so instead Dean offers some basic family counselling advice which seems to do the trick. Amara forgives God for locking her away for eons and the pair of omnipresent beings float off in a yin-yang type cloud of black and white. But not before Amara promises to repay Dean for helping reunite her with her brother… Hmm. Ominous.

Meanwhile, Sam returns to the bunker, thinking Dean is dead, and is threatened by a member of a secret branch of The Men of Letters. Toni seems like an interesting character who reminds me of Bella from back in season 2. Until she shoots Sam of course (or does she?).

Back to Dean, who is now in an anonymous field, and runs into a strange woman in a white gown… Oh wait! “Mum?”

Yes, Mary Winchester is alive (or is she? I need to stop saying that.).

All up, I think the Supernatural season 11 finale fell flat. After a season of Amara being the biggest threat the show had encountered, all it took was a few words on the importance of family for her to forgive and forget everything God had done? It didn’t really feel genuine to her character.

The resurrection of Mary Winchester is curious. Is she human? Does she know who she is? Does she know who Dean is? Many questions will have to be answered in season 12.

In the end the pure brilliance of some of the episodes this season make up for the underwhelming ending. And you can guarantee I’ll be tuning in next season!


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