My Impression of Captain America: Civil War


In my experience, Marvel can be relied upon to entertain viewers for the 2 hours you pay for at the cinemas, and Captain America: Civil War was no exception. In fact, I’d say it raised the bar to the same standard as the first Avengers movie (yes, it was that good!).

Funnily enough, I was conned into seeing Civil War on Monday afternoon – I really wanted to see Eddie the Eagle. I went in expecting another standard Marvel movie with predictable yet entertaining plot, 2-dimensional characters, decent fight scenes and an awesome soundtrack (because they always have awesome soundtracks – especially Guardians of the Galaxy). Instead, I got thrown into the Marvel universe for two and a half hours and was almost disappointed to leave when it was over.

I knew next to nothing about the conflict between Iron Man and Captain America before watching the film, and was so glad to find that Marvel developed ALL of the characters and their motivations SO WELL that I could argue both sides. Even so, I chose Team Cap (as I suspect they wanted the audience to).

A summary of the conflict: Iron Man feels it is time for the heroes to work under a UN type group to move the blame to the government when things go wrong. Captain America doesn’t want to be controlled by a group of potentially corrupt people, and believes the work they do should be 100% under their control, and subsequently 100% their responsibility when they fail.

As the film progressed, the tension between the two sides grew, and as the members of the Avengers – and a few surprise heroes – chose their sides, it became apparent that a showdown was going to occur… And it was GREAT! Whoever did the storyboard for the (approx. 15 min) fight between both sides deserves an award (and a serious raise).

The fight choreography was incredible and the interaction between individuals during the big battle, as well as the two teams as a whole, was easy to follow and immensely entertaining. I would go back to watch the movie just for that 15 minute fight scene!

But, no film is perfect. It did start off a little slow – even though every second of screen time was necessary to add tension and develop motives for each of the characters. And it was super weird when Captain America made out with Peggy Carter’s niece… Really not necessary for the plot at all… Introducing Spider-Man could have been done better (the scene in his bedroom with Robert Downey Jnr was drawn out a tad) but every other second Peter Parker had on screen was awesome and very true to the character. I’m reaching here – the movie was great!

I also loved the sexual tension between Vision and Scarlet Witch! It was done very well, and added to the story as opposed to just being there for the sake of being there (one of my pet peeves).

So, to summarise:

  • The plot was entertaining and exciting,
  • Every acting performance was brilliant (especially Robert Downey Jnr, who made it really hard for me to choose a side),
  • The fight choreography was incredible and easy to follow,
  • The film set up a LOT of potential plots for future films without taking away from the movie,
  • I don’t think any other Marvel movie could boast better character development, and;
  • Watching the two sides fight it out was an absolute joy!

All round – awesome film that I recommend you see while it’s still in cinemas (even if you really just wanted to see Eddie the Eagle).

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