The Obernewtyn Chronicles: The Series That Began My Love Affair With Books

In early primary I was lucky enough to visit a local book fair with a few students from my school. It was an exciting day simply because I got a break from memorising times tables (life was simple then).

Upon entering the fair, I remember being impressed with the fresh, new books all stacked neatly in rows – it was far more impressive than our school library at the time. All around people were quietly observing the pages of newly purchased books, or animatedly discussing characters like they personally knew them. Strangers were connecting over words on paper and I found that fascinating (and still do).

The truly critical moment that day, however, was when two hundred tired and cranky students piled into an auditorium to listen to Isobelle Carmody – Australian Author of the Obernewtyn Chronicles – give a lecture on her writing career and published works.

If I’m being honest – I don’t recall much of what she actually said that day. I was young and easily distracted. What I really remember was going up to her after the lecture with my first book, purchased with $20 Dad had slipped into my bag, smiling shyly up at her and saying, “I don’t really read, but I promise to read your book.” She laughed as she signed my copy, after which I thanked her and ran away shyly, my little red ponytail flapping behind me.


“To Gemma, welcome to my world! – Isobelle Carmody” – The perfect words of encouragement.

To this day Obernewtyn is easily the most-read book in my collection because it was THE book which made me want to read more.

So, thank you Isobelle for finishing up the Obernewtyn Series after 28 years with The Red Queen – it took a while but it was worth the wait! I look forward to finishing it (which may take a while considering it is an immense 1108 pages! Phew!).


I highly recommend this series to anyone who can read. The series escalates in comprehension complexity at a similar pace to the Harry Potter series – so I extra recommend it to primary school kids wanting to get started reading novels.

Hope you enjoyed todays post (Happy Mother’s Day!), and I’d love to know in the comments which books were pivotal in encouraging you to read!



2 thoughts on “The Obernewtyn Chronicles: The Series That Began My Love Affair With Books

  1. My first book When I remember the words suddenly making sense was Blinky Bill about a wonderful can-do Koala. I was 6 and I was hooked. Books are the gateway to knowledge and so much fun.

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