Supernatural S11E20: “Don’t Call Me Shurley” Review


Episode 20 of this season of Supernatural was a masterpiece. A beautiful mush of characterisation, feelings and tied up loose ends that I know I’ll be watching again tomorrow.

The episode opened with Metatron being his usual, pitiful self. Until he was zapped into Heaven where one of the greatest fan encouraged plot twists of all time occurred: Chuck was confirmed as the big GOD. And, of course, God needs an editor for His autobiography. Who better than probably the most hated character on the show? (although I must say after watching Curtis Armstrong’s incredible portrayal of an angst filled Metatron, I have just a little bit – okay a lot – of sympathy for him).

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean encounter Amara’s influence in a town where people are behaving aggressively after being infected by a mysterious fog (really just keeping the boys busy while Chuck and Metatron write, edit and sing up in Heaven). And, of course, Dean is immune to said fog – allowing the boys a chance to have the obligatory BM (Boy Melodrama) scene towards the end of the episode when they think Sam is dying.

I couldn’t list all of the things I loved about “Don’t Call Me Shurley” – but here are the greatest hits:

  1. Rob Benedict’s cover of “Fare Thee Well” was beautiful.
  2. Just Rob Benedict in general. Awesome acting, so many one liners, so much emotion, great thought provoking lines on life, the universe and everything…
  3. God: An Autobiography. Everything about the thought of God writing an autobiography is brilliant. My personal favourite was the chapter entitled: “Why I [God] never answered your prayers – and why you should be grateful.”. I don’t know about you – but I’d like to read that chapter!
  4. Chuck/God had girlfriends and boyfriends – meaning God really is indifferent to sexual orientation.
  5. Lucifer wasn’t/isn’t a villain – just misunderstood (which is also a theme in DC’s Lucifer – worth a watch).
  6. The Samulet was deactivated in Season 5 – because it just was.
  7.  The final line. Sam and Dean stumble out of the police station after the threat of the fog abatis, the Samulet glowing brilliantly in Dean’s hand. They encounter Chuck in the street and he turns to them and says; “We should probably talk.” YES!!!

All round great episode. It was so good I barely missed Misha and Mark. I can’t wait to see what happens next! What about you?


Here is some additional reading if you would like a more detailed analysis of the episode.




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