So I cut my hair and started a blog: Long v Short Hair

For over twelve years I have lived with thick, long, auburn locks. Strangers would stop me in the street and say; “You have such beautiful hair.”, “People pay lots of money to have hair like yours.”, and the ever persistent “Never cut your hair.”.

After years of this, I stopped listening and decided to try a shorter style (specifically a lob)… and it was the best decision I have made in a long time. Here’s why:

  1. Brushing it takes mere seconds! Seconds!

For everyone out there with thick, long hair – you know that brushing can take anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes. Then, once it’s detangled, all you have to do is walk outside and your hair is an instant knot. With short hair you can flip it around to your hearts content and still be able to run your fingers through it.

  1. Daily styling is not required!

When I had long hair I scraped all of it back into a severe ponytail most days to avoid hours of styling. Honestly, I would rather be sleeping than burning myself attempting to style my hair. Now, all I have to do is run a brush through it and I’m ready to go!

  1. If you want to look nice for a special occasion – styling is achievable (even if you don’t own a curling iron like me).

I’m a busy person, so if I decide to go out I want to be ready in 30 minutes. For me, all it takes to make my hair look extra nice is to blow dry it (makes it extra fluffy and shiny) and choose which side to part. Mostly, I don’t bother with product because I like that my hair is flowy. Honestly, people use so much product to make their hair look ‘accidentally’ messy – why not just let your hair get messy on its own?

(I may write a ‘Styling Short Hair: A Tutorial for the Inept‘ post later in my blogging career, but if you’d like some instant advice Pintrest and YouTube are good sources. I just search ‘Styling a lob‘ and quickly found some very helpful tutorials.)

  1. People will flip out when they see your new style.

Change is exciting for everyone – not just you.

  1. You will feel lighter.

Hair can weigh you down, physically and emotionally. Slicing it off might just be the change you need.

  1. You get to play with all kinds of new hair accessories.

Hair bands, hats, clips, combs, barrettes, beanies… So many things to play with!

  1. It dries ridiculously quickly.

My hair used to take half the day to dry – and if it was wet when I put it in a bun it could be damp for days. Now it’s dry within an hour of stepping out of the shower.

  1. It doesn’t get caught in things or fall out everywhere.

The curse of red hair is that everyone knows whose hair it is they find on their clothes, or in their food (sorry!). This is still true, but with short hair it happens far less often.

  1. Washing it takes half the time and product.

I used to dread washing my hair because it meant a 30 minute shower, then another 30 minutes scraping it out of my face. Now it is no longer a chore – and as a bonus I’m saving money on shampoo and conditioner.

  1. The hair flip is immensely satisfying.

I dare you to try a hair flip without smiling or laughing like a loon.

  1. If it looks terrible – it will grow back.

Worst case scenario – you look like you don’t belong in civilized society and wear strategic hats until it grows out.


I am inherently practical, as well as lazy, with my hair. So, here are a few positives of having LONG HAIR that you might want to consider before making the cut.

  1. The long hair winter scarf.

I live in Australia, so our winters are pitiful. But, I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather and I do miss that extra layer of warmth on especially cold winter days.

  1. Short hair can make you look younger.

This wasn’t the case for me – probably because I already looked like a fifteen year old most days, so cutting my hair actually made me look slightly older. This might not be the case for everyone.

  1. You can’t pull it all back into a ponytail – there are always bits that fall out.

This can get annoying when working out or if you have engineering practicals which require you to pull your hair back. All I can say is, worship the bobby pin!

  1. Some people just won’t like your haircut.

When I was researching my haircut, I found a lot of blogs which said men don’t like shorter hair. I have to disagree with this – I have been turning more heads now that I am laughing and flipping my lob around like a maniac than I did before (Perhaps they just think I’m mental?). But, a lot of people feel this is an issue so I thought I should mention it. However, if this bothers you, then perhaps you should think about WHO you are cutting your hair for?


I highly recommend donating your hair to charities like Variety (or your local equivalent) who make wigs for children with Alopecia and Cancer. After all – your hair should go towards a good cause now that you’re not using it anymore. 


That’s all folks! I hope this was helpful and gave you some ideas about what hairstyle will suit your lifestyle. Let me know how the cut goes (if it goes) and if you have any styling pointers for newbies like me!

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